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Inspiration IT, Inc. offers a wide variety of information services for businesses and individuals. We currently act as the IT department for a number of small and medium sized companies. We also develop customized programs and web sites for those customers. We can help in network planning, setup and maintenance, and we can even help fix your Mom’s broken computer.

Whatever your technology needs, get in touch. We would be happy to help.

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It is hard to run a business these days without computers. In fact, in some areas like the medical field, the government mandates that companies switch to electronic records. While most businesses need computers to run, not every business can hire an employee dedicated to technology. Often those businesses use an existing employee with some computer skills to do technology work in addition to their regular job. This can result in a less than ideal situation where the employee’s performance at their primary job is affected and technology is managed at the crisis level rather than the strategic level.

IIT can help by managing your entire technology structure at the strategic level and being available to deal with any crisis that arises. We can help you plan for your future technology needs, provide regular on site support and remote support, as needed.

Since 1988 we have been creating custom designed software solutions. We can create anything from a small program to handle a onetime need to full blown management systems with web sites, web API, local client server, etc.

We typically develop using Microsoft technologies such as C#, Asp.Net, Win Forms, Web Forms, MVC, SQL Server, etc. We also do some work in LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) as the need arises.

A web site is as important to your business as a telephone. In fact, more and more users are checking a company’s web site on a mobile phone before they call or visit that business. Since your site often determines the first impression of your business, it is crucial to have an up to date, mobile friendly web site.

Business data moves through the internet. Often employees and customers need to interact with your business data through the web.

We can help you develop solutions for basic informational web sites or complicated data driven web sites that connect customers and employees to the critical data they need.

Every company and home has locks on their doors. Physical security is something that most people try to take seriously. Cyber security is just as important, but is often overlooked.

Contact us to find out how we can install and monitor an Anti-Virus solution to help keep the doors locked on your data.

We can help with technology purchases from accessories to complete systems for the entire office.

Hard drive crashes, power supply failures, corruption by viruses, accidents, and natural disasters are just a few of the problems with IT. Technology problems are inevitable, but they don't have to be catastrophic. A thorough backup strategy can keep an IT problem from turning into an IT catastrophe.

Contact us to review your critical data and create a custom plan to keep your business up and running.

3PL & Warehouse Solutions

Since 2003 IIT has be creating custom Third Party Logistics and Warehousing Systems.

Our ICS system manages your 3pl customers, their products, receivings, inventory, and shipments. We can also syncronize your data to the web and give your customers up to date access to their data.

Coming in early 2016 our new ICS2 system will improve our ICS system including a more stable platform, a better and more flexible user experience, more efficient syncronization to the web, and more.

Medical Offices

IIT specializes in support for multi-site medical offices.

As the US government pushes medical professionals towards EHR (Electronic Health Records), having an efficient and secure Information Technology is becoming critical.

We provide guidance in formulating your IT plan, network setup, regular on site support, remote support, off-site backups and more.

Data Interfaces to the data you need

In order for data to be useable, often times that data needs to be moved from one system or storage location to another, converted, or shared between systems. Vendors may provide a portion of your important business data, but that information needs to be connected with other systems.

We are experienced in creating the interfaces needed to get your data where it needs to go, and making it useable.

Some examples of Interfaces and systems we have created:

  • Charles Schwab Investment Data - Downloading, converting, and feeding investment data into local and web based systems.
  • HR Sick Time Tracking - Importing Kronos data for employees and using that data to track Employee Sick time as mandated by CA State Government. Exports to Accounting and other HR systems.
  • HR Bonus Tracking - Importing Kronos data for employees to track the accrual of hours worked for bonuses. Exports to Accounting and other HR systems.

Help for Home users

Just about every household has a computer. Most households have more than one computer plus a small home network. Some have even more complicated setups; laptops, desktops, tablets, printers and smart phones.

Not everyone feels equipped to deal with all of that technolgoy. IIT can help.

Here are some of the services we provide for home users:

  • Computer Repair - Basic repair services for desktops and laptops.
  • Monitored Anti-Virus protection - Top rated anti-virus protection monitored by IIT.
  • Network Setup - Wired or wireless network setup for your home systems
  • Computer Troubleshooting - Don't pay one of those fake online tricksters to diagnose problems with your computer. We are local and reliable and have hours and hours of experience getting computers working again.
  • Technology Setup - Computers, tablets, phones, etc.
  • Computer & Technolgoy Sales - We sell complete systems, as well as parts and accessories that are hard to find locally.