About Inspiration IT, Inc.

Inspiration IT, Inc. - The Short Story

Inspiration IT, Inc. (IIT) is the newest title for a story which began a "long time ago in a land, far, far away", or it feels that way anyway.

IIT was formed in 2013, but the story began back in the late 1980s when Stan Vickers graduated from DeVry Institute of Technology, with a degree in Computer Information Systems. Back then (right after dinosaurs disappeared from the Earth) computer labs were filled with the amazing IBM PC and most business computing was done on mainframe computers.

Stan left college and immediately began working for a consulting firm named Broadway and Seymour, in Charlotte, NC. Stan was thrown into projects as a consultant, even though he was green and clueless. It was time to learn quickly or fail miserably. Stan successfully spent a number of years working on mainframe projects for large clients such as Bank of America, Wachovia National Bank, First Union, and others. Stan cut his programming teeth doing batch programming in COBOL, laying out CICS screens, and using mainframe report writers.

Gradually, he moved into more PC based technologies using programs such as dBase, Clipper and Paradox. Finally, he made the jump to client/server technologies, just as it was beginning to become popular. Stan started with Visual Basic 3 and Windows 3.1.

In 1999, after working for a number of years with client server technologies, Stan took a break from the corporate world to work for a non-profit ministry. While there, he continued working on IT side projects as well as picking up new skills in managing networks and IT support, because sometimes in the non-profit world, you wear many hats.

In 2010 Stan re-entered the IT business full time and became a full service IT provider. This new endeavor fits well with his enjoyment of learning new technologies and his tendency to be a perpetual student. As the business grew, the tax guy suggested that he make it official, so Inspiration IT, Inc. was born. The tech has changed from COBOL and CICS to C#, HTML, PHP and others, but the fundamentals remain the same. Now IIT provides a wide range of services for businesses and individuals, and continues to grow and expand.

We can’t wait to see where the story goes from here!.